Yes , Yes Yes !!!! 

The huge elegant  art wall paintings in America and Asia displayed now in the main avenues, in boulevards  are also my art work, my paintings. the wooden sculpture is one of my art works  .

I am grateful . 

​If I work with you professionally; I will help you finding investors and sponsors and will add you to my network of Entrepreneurs : We are serious linked; we support Art and abhor Racism Discrimination, sexism.

I always work with serious people .

 I feel really honoured humble because of artists, lecturers, journalists writers,  invitations to either work or lecture in England France Europe America Canada and Asia  . 

I am fluent in English French Spanish and can speak German and all Creole languages

I always attend invitations but preferably under a  mutual contract of wok and  confidentiality.

​I want to understand why I am invited and how I can help and support you .

I work with everybody in the performing art industry, films theatre Dance .

 My strength:  I am real, honest and very competitive in art  . 

I am used to positive competition and self evaluation  since I am a child my Education was a blessing  with real African parents absolutely supportive and also real artists.

​My grandfather Gerome opened the Quadrille school and was running and African dance school .

I love dance therapy healing dance, choreography movement , spatial awareness beauty.

I like to return art work to clients very quickly, the best , and in fact, I can research any topic anything for real.

My knowledge of art is organic academic.

As a teacher I am excellent I have done a few art projects to raise funds for schools and educative projects as well as charities all sorts of centres   .

I put all my. passion, love interest into clients, companies, entrepreneurs , business I help by creating jobs as I can prove all the time:

My moto is "Vacuum ergo sum" art for sustainability, town, urbanisation , vintage classical art , directions. My  projects always respect, communities citizen.

Remember please that I am fully qualified, very experience  and study art English  French German Literature, Civilisation, Philosophy ,  since I am a child with my mother who is an accomplished artist very talented she is running herself an art school   .

I look at people. life in general  and I see only art beauty Power .

​My clients mesmerize me they are wonderful . I would like to say thank you  express my gratitude all the time as I am somebody who believes in human beings fraternity and Gratitude .

Banners I realized

Black lives matter

Transgenerational Reparation

African Art and Reparation

African Education

Ebola Awareness

Zika Virus


​Domestic violence

​Voodoo Art

Art covers

​Newspapers magazine

​Opera Costumes


​Horror props for films

backgrounds decors........

Be confident Confidentiality is respected all the time Clients come first I care about you please get in touch when you feel ready and want to sign our contract of work.

10% discount  after a second work ordered or for recommending my work passing on my details to other professionals in the industry fidelity cards.

.I realized  the political banner for supporting youth and end violence in Black communities this banner is a whole story get in touch if you want to find out about my banners and activists ark work if you want to order paintings , sculptures decorations . 

Let us start with Art Charity work I have done so far I am obliged humble  .... So many of them now... I really feel blessed from Youth to Cancer,, Zika, Ebola ,HIV, Obesity , sports War children , Equality and diversity , projects against Homophobia , domestic violence , families , schools, Black History Months, helping people get back to work using my method Life coaching AWARDS .  I am a qualified Teacher a lecturer I am fully qualified as a Life coach in Health this is really useful to understand clients , support them and move forwards towards solutions . I love education and sustaining good causes I am also an activist. I support charities when I agree with the values and the causes defended... get in touch if you need help I will support you with much joy; you will like my work and  art  here I am at Saint Giles Trust working for  a youth empowering project .

Miami, Asia, Japan Wall paintings "Starry Night" art exhibition 2107 . Helena Holmes Art director.