The performing art school meets regularly and offer teaching , drama tutorials , help with auditions CV artist exams portfolios to performers, professionals  . Some of the actors coming unto us into my school AWARDS Drama school are recruited , offered jobs abroad through networking and recommendations . African art ,Theatre is looted, vandalised , sabotaged ; there is no copyright on intellectual property. while others have their forms of Arts heavy patented and respected , it is not until today a sacrilege to exploit African Arts .  I believe that this is encouraging: racist crimes and  criminal behaviour towards Black performers, feeding a subconscious and systems of beliefs based on racism , hatred sending subliminal messages of attacks towards Africans . There would be less mass shouting against Black people , less violence in society fed everyday with racist clichés if the media and African arts were regulated as others are already and for almost centuries now . Racism has been scrutinized in one of my university studies in Dance and Performing art ( East London University ) like video games addictions on the brain and emotional intelligence; In terms of copyrights there are a lot, huge work  to accomplish to rehabilitate Black communities   . My Drama , performing art school  school is helping Black performers claiming back what belongs to Africans and helping for the question of cultural identity and theft in art and Reparation via African Art  . Art is therapeutic regenerative and can help you become an entrepreneur, have a goal in life becoming you : Get in touch soon please and book for one of my drama , dance, art boot camps ; come and meet others like you performers Why not start drama classes with me this week, preparing your next audition learning your monologues , lines  ( 00447874829289) . Teaching is opened to everybody .... I am a life coach psychology health I will never be judgemental everything is confidential and signed with a contract of work. I also work abroad and support directors and actors always in confidentiality.