Military Training Qualifications., The sea is my passion I qualified in the Army with the best instructors, over years  . Scuba Diving orientation as a rescue diver and in the intervention department . I do stunts and double actors although My dream is to be featured soon in a leading role.

I have got all my qualifications as well as my maritime licences for sailing boats open Navigation. coast  . I love working for military films and training other actors. People do not understand why I am over qualified ? I like everything I am curious  . It is also because I learnt with my father , uncles brothers. The  sea aquatic sports are my natural  environment . I used to sail and  own a boat when I was a child . References are available. 

Military filming , Sailing swimming, under water diving ​  Rescuing Population. teaching youth and training hard is really what I love  the most .

​This part of my work is highly confidential as I train professional actors, work for productions help them design stunts with art directions and orientation coaching .