Haiti Pogrom is an activist Play

​It is a campaign to support Haitians and stop the racist crimes committed in the Dominican Republic since

The Dominican State voted in 2013 a law depriving thousands of people of their nationality and forcing them to exile Persecutions are outrageous, criminals.

I pray that the international artist community will start to develop awareness to generate new political actions sustaining life and Equal rights . Let us remember that Haiti was the only Black Republic , that Haitians liberated themselves against oppression Slavery Racism Discrimination this new model based on solidarity friendships amongst people has been the true foundation of Multiculturalism . Africans fought side by side with others Whites to gain their Freedom. Europe was truly born in Haiti between (1796-1805). So many things are used, exploited in art the film industry from Haitian art . Creole artists we make the industry huge .

I am a journalist and writer . My angle is quite political. My  great- great- great great - grandfather opened the first activist newspaper  in a harsh context of political repression and rejection ( 5 generations before me ); he made a fortune his newspaper was sold everywhere and translated from French to English Spanish . I am very proud of that  eldest . This inspires me to fight back all the time against either rejection or racism they are real barriers for a Black performer  , very cruel. I do not believe in white supremacy and I promote equality all the time for anyone and respect ; writing, rethoric, media study , the press   is something I like to do and to teach . I created recently AWARDS press a newspaper dedicated to Black performers and beat racism in the industry give equal chances opportunities to everybody . You can send me your articles for suggestions we will read them and decide to publish them with AWARDS ( African Women Against Racism Discrimination Sexism ) I founded. The name I patented came to me organically and I believe I was inspired by my ancestors . It has been a fabulous journey of victories and reparations for myself and all my clients . People are linked in the universe . God is the main link the creator of each one of us.