ladies and men's costumes children, mature actors 

The sky is really the limit I love sewing I learnt with my grandmother and my aunties and my mum .... This part is highly confidential you cannot copy my models or twit them or share them on social media because of copyright. I create costumes from cultures all around the world and Time History science fiction of fashionista main stream clothes original creation .... science fiction ... horror movies .... please check my credits on line .... on Starnow and IMDB ... 

I wish you good luck with your projects and dreams I am looking forwards to hear from you very soon .

I also offer coaching for improving your look I am a qualified life Coach Health from East London University . I will help you , you will be happy. We will work out a reasonable budget your purse is not my goal what matter is that you become happier and much more successful , looks matter for actors and professionals in the industry .

Prices start from 5 pounds for items to support your costumes , clothes .... There will always be something for you as long as you are serious motivated and want to be at your best want your actors to really shine please get in touch without any hesitation .

Helena Holmes

Art Director

Tel :07874829289