​ Helena Holmes is an artist, a panafrican an activist a journalist, a publisher she works as a creative art Director in the Performing  Art- Industry in England , America , she travels in Canada, Asia , India ,  Europe and Africa to support casting Directors and films, theatre plays, Concerts in development,  writers, newspapers , magazines. She is also an actress, a skilled aquatic stunt  performer, underwater filming and a choreographer .

She excels in African Art and Heritage because she was initiated by her grand-parents and family circle; they are all talented artists and icons living in America , Canada, Africa, The Caribbean, France, England, Japan.

Helena explained in 2006, she was invited( emerging artist in South Bank London) that her grand -parents on her mother's side met during an African Dance battle and fell in love immediately ." Art is really the core of my family we are all doing something related to Art my family survived hardship because somehow we like to create even when there is nothing left or everything has been stolen confiscated from us . It is also the reason why I believe in myself and I like to give back to people to coach them  persuade them that they can be happy have dreams about themselves their future ,the world. I feel I can achieve anything and one day when I am gone because I am not immortal my art will be valued as something positive energetic for future generations I pray" .

.......Her passion for art is eclectic and taps into real knowledge of academic disciplines, Culture, History, Philosophy, Linguistic, Psychoanalysis, Semantic and  Psychology, Para text, Paradigm, Axioms, Mythology, Religion, Civilisations, Literature, Math, Algebra and Art    ; as a child she used to spend hours reading books about art and to compete into Art festivals ." I was a difficult child probably aware of some forms of injustice and what is Discrimination, Racism very early she said going to schools with a heavy school bag full of books and props, drawing every day and asking cheeky questions to adults . I was doing Art with my mother and my six brothers who is also an artist; long tutorials about any thing I was reading more because I was trying to understand the world around me "

(Helena Holmes 2004 Interview ).

She won her first  art prize when she was four year- old.  ( 2000 ) CLEMI"I got a new bike to tour in my neighbourhood   for free and art resources but more than that I understood that one day I would try to become an artist, my passion was born when I was collecting my prize and  I  was walking back home with my mother who was proud."

She campaigned successfully to allow Black children and Black teachers to be admitted into French schools in England from 2006-2009 in South Kensington London; she found that the French expatriates' schools were discriminating against Ethnic- minority children and Black staff Qualified teachers .She got her name: "The French Black Iron Lady" around that time in 2006.

She initiated the Panafrican ban against Eric Zemmour in England with friends and, grassroots movements. The Global African Congress and UHURU London  in 2014  .Her hardest political campaign was outside Downing street in winter 2013 -2014 where she was demonstrating outside the  gate of  10 Downing street the  Prime Minister  was, David Cameron. Helena protested against injustice, unfair treatments discriminations made to Black women , families and youth in England ( 2016) Global  African Congress Press, March 2016. (2012-16)London Campaign Against Police Violence and Brutalities (March 201- October 2016).

She is currently working as a Qualified Teacher and an Art Director and travels to support the best film- productions , concerts in preparations, plays and Art Exhibitions. 

She is also a stage director, a script writer and a singer . She designs Art- Covers and logos for singers, music- festivals and political banners .

Helena Holmes offers tutorial(s) to Black organisations and corporations and supports many charities; She is a qualified-  psychology- life- coach( Health Education Mentoring psychology) and graduated from East London University  .

She also offers one to one sessions: Life- coaching to artists, actors musicians in English , French , Spanish and German . Helena masters foreign languages.  ( 2010 January The Telegraph); (2011-13 RCI France).

She is the Founder and director of AWARDS Theatre and writes plays to support Black History Months, Black children into schools, Black communities in general and African- girls and boys' Education. As a qualified Teacher, Helena implemented many schemes into schools with linguistic programs offering children summer holidays abroad; She is also  volunteering in groups sustaining families, women and the Panafricans Food bank she launched in 2014 in London.

Helena lead the Teachers program with the European Feder in 2004 to help children learn foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, German abroad during summer holidays  . The charity funds were materialized by  her art Exhibition in 2004 and finally allowed 24 children to travel to Barbados and America, the scheme has become a permanent program for schools curriculum and exams she wrote it as an international program.

" huis clos " ( 2016)  is dedicated to Haitians, Africans and Panafricans- Art. It is currently on a tour  started from London( April 2016) - America ,New York (July 2016) .Helena is presently developing awareness around what she calls : "Haitians pogroms" in the Dominican Republic. "My art is political vigorous sometimes she says because I am an activist and I believe that some paintings are the quickest way to talk, address issues, like  Picasso who painted one night Guernica; because a town had been destroyed by a dictator in Spain, in horrible bombings in 1937".Helena Holmes" huis Clos" (June 2016 ).. Helena has got a passion for Pedagogies; she masters and studied ; the art of teaching and planning lessons for youth, she qualified with a CAPES as a senior lecturer in 2000 with distinction in the topic.

I love challenges and can create out of nothing , real barriers, obstacles  which is why I made up " Vacum ergo sum and created AWARDS : African Women Against Racism Discrimination Sexism;  in fact as a Black woman and an art director I believe:  Life is movement, organic  nothing is impossible in life  . When I am working on  an art project I want to help my clients to enter films- festival to generate profits for themselves , communities and above all self- esteem, happiness. I believe in Gratitude and also in God that is where I directly take my spiritual inspiration guidance  . I believe art is fully a sustainable action, political, rich, regenerative a formidable way of expressing yourself of giving back love, possibilities to others  . Art is  a democratic  voice  also universal a spiritual language  .  There is Dignity in Art ,my grand parents , my family groups call" Otim" Helena Holmes ( 2004) Classe Transplanted  a la Barbade  Mutuelle assurance Eleves  (2004 ) RFO Guyane Helena Holmes classe Transplanted a la Barbade .(2004: 27, June 2004) France Antilles Guyane Helena Holmes (2000) CLEMI .

welcome! art coaching  services offered in  english -french- german-spanish--portuguese - creole .