Costumes designs are created in my workshop .

I learned sewing designing clothes side by side with my eldest and my mother, aunties real professionals and artists.

It is really a passion all my models are unique and really work . I love elegance , authenticity and props clothes jewels that work

I fabricate any one of them .

​I have created so far most of the costumes  for feature films and horror movies for the past years love stories , helped professionals building their clothes materials  .

References are available .

​You cannot duplicate a model or resale it once I realized it for you.

​I create original props for major feature films always under a contract of confidentiality . I am 100% loyal very honest supportive , my target is to reach perfection and to be the best with my client(s).

​I can also help you as a life coach consultant if you want to improve your look as an artist .

​I worked in Office shops and help professionals renovate everything that brings and generate wealth Money and happiness

​I am fully qualified from East London University as a Life Coach ..

Tel : 00447874829289

The crucifixion by Helena Holmes feminist Modern  African perspective  original signed certificate :Conference AWARDS African Women Against Racism Discrimination Sexism.


Poster signed limited edition

​530 £

Buyers like my paintings sculptures for lofts, offices but; I create adapt to precise surfaces and premisces Art ....!!!!

Paintings, sculptures  You can purchase  either for your film or your home , loft surface office shops I can adapt quickly what you want : Some of my pieces  are real Vaudou Art ;spiritual and will bless you and your descendants . I bring luck to people all the time wealth , help them to grow and prosper, all my arts are inspired by African divinities and brave ancestors I believe in African Spirituality  .

You are going to buy an Original with certificate signed. Part of the sales go to Charities we all like and want to support.

Thank you for buying . If you want a special design costumes hand made you will need to contact me directly :00447874829289 .


 All works done are highly confidential.  I will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement and a contract . You cannot buy anything I realised for you and your team and resale it under another name or another brand or your own name .

There is my signature and the special certificate AWARDS behind each article I create.

AWARDS African Women against Racism Discrimination Sexism Original drawing Poster

3800 £

Original Art painting 

African KAMA SUTRA .

The Birth of Erzulie African Goddess of Love Maternity

​Original painting

​80000 £

Poster limited Edition

​1150 £

Erzuli Heart by Helena Holmes Original  painting signed certificate


Poster signed limited edition


"Breathalyser" Modern art painting

It is a still life :  loft, office space    Original  50000 £

Voodoo Art Simbi Original

Healing painting Simbi is The mermaid in voodoo

 120000 £.

It is a very huge seize  wide 1m20 long 1m.50

​Posters are all signed and sold 1200 £

​Limited edition

Loft Painting Modern art  .

Price : 64000 £

Erzulie Freedom Original drawing painting Modern Vaudou Painting certificate signed


Poster limited edition signed

​400£ .

"The  Throne " by Helena Holmes . It was a prototype  ordered for a horror movie :" Plastic toys " .

Original poster signed with a certificate .

This throne can be used in a horror movie, science fiction , modern urban tales or can simply decoarate a home  an office space.

​It is very light and convenient . My props have the reputation to be original and to work on set .They are always safe I use strategic art ressources .

 Original Poster :  1800 £

Throne chair  : 9000 £  

Helena Holmes: Get in touch for your invoice quote now Art work songs album covers,office regeneration via art wall paintings loft .

Tel : (44)07874829289